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Elite has supported Multinationals to recruit highly educated employees for the past 9 years.  Click here  to see some of the clients that we have consistently worked with.

Elite brings together leading employers with exceptional candidates searching for excellent opportunities.

Our recruiters hunt out the best opportunities for candidates and the best candidates for employers through a combination of Headhunting, direct networking, direct marketing, social media and conventional advertising.

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Passive Candidate Job Hunting Services

We offer a strategic approach to candidates wishing to passively search the jobs market.

Many people don’t have time to spend hours searching out a new job. Let us do the work for you so that you can concentrate on your job and we can concentrate on your career.

We will ask what company, role and location you want to work in. We will offer our advice to you and then devise a strategy to actively search out a new opportunity.

We will long-list companies that you have an interest in and approach them on your behalf.

When we find suitable opportunities we will pass them on to you. If you wishes to progress, we will release your CV to the potential employer and start a recruitment process.



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